These are our favourite beauty things we (Sofie and I) loved using this month.

Fran’s favourites

Partly thanks to something Huda Kattan said during a Zoom presentation*, I rediscovered my love for make-up this month. Well, eye make-up for sure. On days I have to wear a mouth mask, I don’t bother with lipstick, foundation, blush, bronzing powder and highlighter because why would I? So my May favourites are two eye make-up products. Plus, I rediscovered how great a professional pedicure can be.

(*More on that soon in a separate blog post.)

Lancôme’s Idôle Lash Lifting Volumizing Mascara, 32,90 €

It is an expensive one, I know but I have been testing the most recent mascara by Lancôme for a while now and it quickly became my favourite mascara du jour. I love a fan shaped mascara wand as it immediately curls lashes a bit and I never bother using a lash curler before I apply mascara. This brush also curls and lifts the straight lashes in the outer corners of my eyes. They do not stay curled all day long but that does not bother me.

The mascara also lengthens, makes lashes look fuller and feels pretty weightless. Another bonus: it is a clump-free, intense black formula. I also love the packaging, not that that’s the most important thing when buying a new mascara.

Huda Beauty’s Caramel Brown Obsessions Eye Shadow Palette, 29,90 €, at Ici Paris XL

A couple of years ago I would probably not have paid any attention to this Huda Beauty eye shadow palette but I have become a big fan of orange and rusty hues on my eyelids. (I think they suit my brown eyes with green flecks very well.) If you spotted me wearing eye make-up on Instastories this and the previous month, it was very probably this palette. The horrible weather of the past couple of weeks probably fed my need to use this palette, too: one or more of these colours instantly create a sunny, fresh eye look. Fuss-free to boot, as I often just used my fingers. I found an eye shadow primer is not an absolute must: even without one these powders stay put pretty well. They fade a bit by the end of the day of course but they do not crease.

The problem I have with a lot of eye shadow palettes is that they often contain several colours you will never use because they are not your thing, which makes the palette not really worth the investment. But I use every single one of these 9 colours. It is a good mix of matte and metallic finishes and of soft colours and (to some people) more daring, eye-catching hues. Ideal to create a soft look for every (work) day or a sultry smokey eye. I often use one of the three metallic glittery colours as a sort of highlighter on top of my eyeshadow: I simply dab some with my finger in het middle of my eyelid.

The colours are all well pigmented and easy to blend. And at about 3,32 € per eye shadow this palette is a pretty good bargain to boot.

These colours are not you? Huda Beauty created two other colour combinations in this collection: Chocolate Brown Obsessions with lovely brown hues (inspired by chocolate) and Toffee Brown Obsessions with more yellow hues (inspired by toffee). They are (temporarily?) sold out at Ici Paris XL but Cult Beauty still has them.

The Wellnesspedicure at Wellfas in Brasschaat (66 € for 60 minutes)

My last professional pedicure dates from June last year so it was about time I booked one. I do use foot creams with acids and ureum regularly to keep calluses at bay but after a while you simply need a professional to take care of your foot soles. As my pedicure-at-home lady decided to give up her pedicure business due to corona, I booked one at niche perfumery Wellfas, which is a 5 minute walk from our house. (Support your locals!)

As it had been such a long time and I felt like pampering myself, I treated myself to the extensive Wellness pedicure with a foot bath, foot and leg scrub and foot and leg massage. Just in time for the start of the sandal season, so it seems. I left Wellfas with soft, smooth feet and well hydrated, soft legs that felt a bit lighter than when I walked in.

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