A tinted moisturizer that gives glow and stays put? I tested GloWish Multidew Skin Tint extensively to see if it’s really that different from other tinted moisturizers.

After I listened Huda Kattan talk about her new GloWish range I was intrigued: I actually put its Multidew on immediately after the Zoom presentation ended. (You can read all about her talk here.) So here it is, my extensive review of the GloWish Multidew Skin Tint.

I am not a fan of the FauxFilter foundation, it is a bit too much coverage for me. I like to keep things looking very natural, just like Sofie btw: a bit of concealer where needed and maybe some medium coverage foundation and that’s it. (If you like a full coverage pancake face, go for it! You do you.)

The GloWish Multidew Skin Tint is a much better fit: the formula offers skincare benefits thanks to squalane, rose damascena oil and red bell pepper extract, gives skin a pretty glow and you can easily build up its coverage. (I like to dab some extra product on any redness I may have in my face.) And it is free from fragrance. (Thanks, Huda!)

The colours are passe partout: I can both use 01 Fair and 02 Fair Light and sometimes mix them together. (02 matches my skin best right now but 01 is still okay and will be a better match in winter. 03 is too dark but I could just about pull it off in summer.) The colours seem to adapt to your own skin, which is always a nice thing.

The glow is very out there but still looks natural. To be completely honest: the first day I wore Multidew, my boyfriend asked me why I looked so shiny. (I might have used a bit too much product that day.) I said it was called glow in beauty language. His response: ‘It looks like you’re sweaty.’ Ok, thanks. Just to warn you that you might want to slowly build up the product instead of slapping it on.

Huda said the GloWish products are suited for all skin types but I wonder whether oily skin types will not find this cream a bit too rich. My normal skin likes its texture but I can feel it a bit laying on my skin, depending on how much I use. It really is a cream, not a fluid serum texture like Ilia’s tinted serum for example.

I prefer applying it with my fingers because I find that more handy than using a brush and the warmth of my finger tips helps ‘melt’ the formula a bit so it blends seamlessly into skin. I always wash my hands afterwards: the pigment sticks a bit to my fingers and you can see it sitting in their fine lines but on my face it looks very natural. (Although you might want to hydrate (very) dry spots in your face with a hydrating cream or serum before applying this moisturizer as they tend to absorb the product a bit more.)

I also tested Multidew under a mouth mask: it transferred a bit to the fabric but most of it was still on my face after my visit to our neighbourhood fish monger. And it really stays put: that 12-hour wear claim is no lie.

Conclusion: I think both foundation fans and tinted moisturizer users might like this product. I will keep on using it and it’s made it to my personal foundation kit.

Some more tips from Huda herself: “I often use Multidew as a highlighter. I mix it with my FauxFilter. I love the little pop of dewiness it gives. I love to use it on my décolleté, too. I prefer using my hands and sometimes I do not put it all over my face but just on places where I have some lingering acne scars. You can definitely play with it.”

The review of the Soft Radiance Bronzing Powder will be up in a post on fragrance-free bronzing powders.

GloWish Multi Dew Skin Tint (37 €) and GloWish Soft Radiance Bronzing Powder (31 €) are available at Ici Paris XL.

Copyright picture: GloWish by Huda Beauty.

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4 replies on “I put GloWish Multidew to the test

  1. Love this post. I only ever tried one tinted moisturiser and didn’t get on with it as there wasn’t enough coverage, but my skin is better now so might give this a try. Ive followed your blog, can’t wait to see more beauty posts! xxx

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