These 3 new fragrance launches make me long for autumn. One of them’s a natural fragrance that consists of one single ingredient only, you’ve read that right.

Miglot Pure Sandalwood Edition 1 (limited edition), 344,50 € for 50 ml

The new line from Belgian fragrance house Miglot is all about natural ingredients and you can take that literally. The four fragrances consist of one single natural ingredient. With Miglot Pure founder Kristof Lefebre wants to honour nature, which he considers to be “the” master perfumer. He selected four exceptional ingredients: sandalwood, cedarwood, oudh and vetiver, each of which has such a rich fragrance that you can wear it perfectly on its own as a perfume.

Each fragrance is limited edition and comes in limited quantities. (The year of harvest and country of origin are always mentioned.) Expensive ingredients naturally carry a steeper price tag, starting at 144.50 €.

My favourite is Miglot Pure Sandalwood: this Mysore-quality sandalwood from India has, according to Miglot, “a beautiful warm aroma of milky wood notes that stays close to the skin”. The scent is warm, creamy and soft. It’s a nice skin scent that does not make the entire room smell but that does know how to seduce your partner or other people you keep (very) close to you.

Chloé Eau de Parfum Naturelle, 70 € for 30 ml

Chloé is good at creating fragrances that know how to seduce a lot of women. This newcomer fits right in with the other ones. The fact that it is all natural and vegan, that its ingredients are ethically sourced and that its packaging contains recycled materials is undoubtedly the result of a successful brainstorm by the marketing department and fits right in with the beauty trends of clean, green and vegan. For me, a fragrance doesn’t have to be all-natural – it’s not necessarily “better” or “more sustainable”, by the way – but this perfume is simply a pleasant, soft floral scent with neroli, lemon, blackcurrant, Bulgarian rose, mimosa and cedarwood. One of those scents that won’t disturb your colleagues, now that you might have to go back to the office, but that others only smell when they get close enough.

Tom Ford’s Ombré Leather, 128,50 € for 50 ml

I never thought I would like a leather fragrance, but here you go: Tom Ford has succeeded in creating one I like. The first impression of Ombré Leather is very “visit to the horse stable”, which is not surprising. The fragrance is inspired by the youth of the American designer, who grew up in the Wild West of the US. The leather accord is combined with the green scent of violets, sensual sambac jasmine, orris (iris root) and cedarwood. The leather impressions on my skin quickly give way to a warm woody scent with a tiny hint of wet rainy forest. I can’t wait to wear this one on gloomy, cold autumn days.

Liever lezen in het Nederlands? Dat kan op Café Cosmetique! (Daar vind je ook de favorieten van Sofie Albrecht.)
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