Taking measures to protect yourself against covid-19 has made your skin unhappy? These new skincare products should help it regain its strength and health.

Dry hands, maskne, more sensitive and/or irritated skin… Protecting yourself against covid-19 by washing and disinfecting your hands and wearing a mouth mask can have a negative impact on your skin. Hands become dehydrated, some people even suffer from painful cracked skin. The humid climate caused by your breathing and your mouth mask can lead to pimples, the constant friction of the mask’s fabric can irritate skin.

Using the right skincare can help soothe corona measures related skin troubles and prevent them. Some brands even got inspired by the whole situation and launched innovative beauty products. And they’re Belgian, too! (Apart from the French Uriage of course.)

uProtect, 19,90 €

Do you find wearing a mouth mask a bit claustrophobic? Alain Indria, the man behind Ginger Love and former healthy food lunch place Lombardia in Antwerp, came up with a purifying spray with disinfecting lavender alcohol and essential oils that should help you breathe (more) freely underneath your mask.

Simply spray it on the inside of your mask and let its essential oils do their mind soothing job. You can choose between the energizing scent ‘Fresh’ with lemon, tangerine and lavender or the soothing Relax with lavender and thyme. Its scent also covers up a not so fresh breath.

(Do not use if your skin, like mine, does not tolerate essential oils.)

Hand Hygiene by Oy, 14,30 €

Oy’s founder Inge Louf invented a clever two-in-one purifying cream. It does not contain any alcohol but anti-bacterial and anti-viral ingredients purify hands for a long time (longer than alcohol). Its formula with squalane, dry oils and vitamin F Forte also hydrates and nourishes skin immediately. So dehydrated hands should be a thing of the past.

Sofie‘s father tried it and loves it.

Clean Things for Dirty Minds Hand Sanitizer Gel by Skin by Dings, 15 €

An anti-bacterial hand gel might not have been an I really want to add this to my skincare range item but when the corona crisis broke out, Ciska Dings decided to create one you like using and that promises to not dry out skin and keep your microbiome happy. Prebiotics in its formula have to nourish the good bacteria on your hands. A high dose of humectant glycerin has to replenish and restore skin.

A beauty colleague likes this gel so much that she put it on her best skincare discoveries of 2020 list.

sos barrier rerainpharma uriage bariéderm cica daily
Rainpharma and Uriage help strengthen the skin barrier with these fragrance-free products.

These two products might not have been directly inspired by the virus, they both tackle a weakened skin barrier, which can be the result of having to wear a mouth mask all the time.

SOS Barrier Face Repair Rescue by Rainpharma, 69 €

This waterless lotion promises to repair sensitive, reactive or dehydrated skin, strengthen its barrier and support its microbiome. Thanks to a whole range of plant-based actives and plant-based butters and oils like shea butter, rosehip and jojoba oil and tea and mushroom extracts. The formula is free from essential oils so even the more/most sensitive skin should be able to use it without any problems.

Bariéderm-Cica Daily Serum and Bariéderm-Cica Daily Gel-Cream by Uriage, 30,90 € and 19,90 €

This skin barrier strengthening duo promises to strengthen the microbiome and calm irritated skin. The repairing serum with prebiotics, panthenol, hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica feels fresh and light. The hydrating gel cream with prebiotics, hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica, vitamin B5 and purifying copper-zinc repairs, protects and calms skin. Both are fragrance-free. (And not Belgian but French.)

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