Eyeliner is perfect to make your eyes pop above your mouth mask. I tested three (relatively) new ones.

A well-placed eyeliner opens up your eyes in an instant. Black, navy blue and brown are classic colours but a bright blue, yellow or lilac cat eye is more fun and is a subtle take on the brightly colored eye looks we saw everywhere on the SS21 catwalks.

I tried and tested these three new launches (in Belgium). All three have a loose bristles kind of brush. If you are a complete eyeliner dummy, you might prefer the felt tip kind, like Lancôme’s fabulous Art Liner.

Huda Beauty’s Life Liner, 23,90 €, at Ici Paris XL

This is a clever, space-saving, correctly priced two-in-one: on the one end there is a black, matte, liquid liner, on the other a black kohl pencil. So you can create cat eyes, 50’s eyeliner looks and more grungy kohl rimmed eye looks with one product.

The liquid formula promises to stay put for up to 48 hours, which I don’t doubt: my cat eye stays put all day long without budging. After my first cleanse with an oil-based cleansing balm, there is still a visible stain left. Waterproof eye make-up remover gets rid of the last traces of eyeliner. Perfect proof that this formula is very well pigmented (so very dark) and very long-lasting. But: it sometimes (not always) transfers a bit above my eye crease after a couple of hours.

The pencil is easy to draw a line with but I prefer the pencils from NYX and Bourjois even though I cannot say why. (It’s a feeling.) Every time I use the Huda pencil, a bit of the formula gets stuck in my lashes: as it is so well pigmented, it’s quite hard to take it away in time before it dries up. It makes the mascara I apply afterwards go on a bit clumpy.

The kohl pencil promises to stay put for up to 8 hours, which is about right. It is slightly faded at the end of the day but still very much there, in contrast to a lot of other eye pencils. Its creamy formula glides smoothly over skin too, which makes it easy to use.

But: this formula sometimes stains above my eye crease, too. And you have to be a bit careful to not break off the pencil. (It happened to my pencil and I don’t know how. When I opened the lid, it was broken off.)

Bourjois’ Liner Pinceau, 12,49 €

liner pinceau bourjois eye liner

I have been a big fan of Bourjois’ liquid eyeliners for forever and this renewed formula does not disappoint either. It comes in pretty colours (classic black, deep gray and brown but also this bright blue, gold, copper and glittery black), the pencil makes it easy to draw a cat eye, the formula stays put all day long without fading or staining (the brand promises it lasts 24 hours) and the packaging is more fun than the previous one. This is one of the best eyeliners the high street has to offer in my opinion.

NYX Professional Make-Up’s Epic Wear Liquid Liner, 10,50 €, at Di

This matte, long-lasting eyeliner stays put all day long without budging. The pencil is easy to use, whether you like a thin line or a thicker cat eye.

I like the Lilac but it will stand out a lot more on darker skin. (You can hardly see it in the picture, in real life it is more visible.) Which is why I prefer Sapphire, a pretty, bold blue. The liner also comes in black, brown, grey and red.

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