Dyson’s Corrale promises less hair damage than other straighteners, works cordless and has a pretty and smart design. But is all that worth the 449€ price tag? I tried and tested the device extensively.

Simply put Dyson’s Corrale (449 €) is a hair straightener with flexible copper plates that can adapt themselves to every strand of hair you put between them. Meaning every strand is being evenly straightened (or curled) without any hairs sticking out, resulting in less frizz. The straightener also needs less heat than other ones, which results in 50% less heat caused hair damage than other straighteners. You can choose to style your hair at 165°C, 185°C or 210°C. The Eplatina sensor continuously checks and controls the temperature. The Corrale works cordless for 30 minutes, which makes styling easier, and its battery loads fully in 70 minutes.

That all sounds pretty amazing, right? But it also comes with a hefty price tag, just like the other Dyson hairstyling tools btw. The Corrale costs 449€ but is it worth it? I tried it extensively during the previous lockdown, when my hair was in pretty desperate need of a haircut.


First impression: the Corrale is a LOT heavier than L’Oréal Professionnel’s Steampod or ghd’s Platinum+, both tools I like using to straighten my hair. Despite its heavier weight, the Corrale glides effortlessly through my hair and I get quickly used to its weight. My naturally wavy hair is straightened in ten minutes and looks shiny. (My hair is not super fine, neither very thick but I have a lot of it, according to every hair dresser that ever touched my locks.) A beauty colleague with coarse hair needs 20 minutes to style her hair, which is still pretty impressive.

I get my hair straight at 165°C but it stays frizz-free and smooth for longer if I set the device at 185°C. (That is the temperature ghd uses for all its devices as it thinks it is the best temperature to style your hair at. I like the fact you can choose a lower temperature setting with the Corrale. I would never use it at 210°C though as your hair gets damaged at any heat you choose but the higher the temperature, the more damage.

Straight, shiny and smooth thanks to Dyson’s Corrale.

After a lot of practice and binging YouTube tutorials I finally understand how to create curls with a straightener. The ones the Corrale creates look glamorous and full. Working cordless comes in pretty handy when curling your hair. The curls don’t stay in my hair all day but they never do, unless a very good hairdresser blowdries them in with a brush.

Hollywood curls with the Corrale.

Depending on your hair type 30 minutes cordless action might be too little but you can always plug in the device and go on styling. I get to straighten my hair twice and redo some locks in between two styling sessions with half an hour of cordless styling time.

So, is the Corrale worth 449€? I think it is an easy device to work with, I love the design (which is very personal of course) and think it is pretty efficient and I do not mind the heavier weight of the device. But I cannot notice any difference, as a non-professional, in straightening my hair with the Corrale or ghd’s Platinum+, which is about half the price. My hair looks straight and shiny after using either of them. I want to believe that the straightener causes less hair damage but again, that is difficult to tell as a non-professional. (I cannot tell wether my hair is more damaged after using another straightener.)

I have read and seen some impressive online reviews from women who straightened their thick, coarse hair with the Corrale. If other straighteners cannot do that, this one seems like a pretty good investment. Or if you usually go to the hairdresser’s every single week to get your hair straightened/blowed out.

Liever in het Nederlands lezen? Die versie vind je op Café Cosmetique!

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