These are the beauty products I loved using this month.

Versed’s Silk Slip Tinted Lip Oil in Ruby, £ 9, bought from Cult Beauty.

One of the products I recently bought from Cult Beauty (and that is not yet available in Belgium) is this tinted lip oil by Versed. The brand makes vegan and “clean” skincare that is as safe as it is efficient, according to the info Cult Beauty gives. (I do not like the term “clean”: it means nothing, legally speaking. There is no straight definition of the term clean in cosmetics. Products that are labelled clean are not checked by the government to see whether they really are. And when it comes to safe products: all cosmetics you buy in the EU from a reliable shop are. That said, I like the look of Versed and thought this lip oil looked promising.)

I never thought I would be such a big fan of a tinted lip oil. This one feels very comfy on my lips, is packed with nourishing plant-based oils, does not feel sticky and gives my lips a pretty, shiny but not too shiny my lips but better hue. And its formula stays put for a pretty long time and is free from fragrance and aroma, so no allergic reactions for me!

I bought the red tint Ruby but it looks more pink on my lips as it is very transparant. You can build its intensity by layering. You can also choose the soft pink Blossom and the purplish Fig. Not a fan of colour at all? The lip oil also exists in a non-tinted version, nourishing your lips while giving them a nice sheen. I think it’s a great nourishing alternative to (clear) lip gloss. I use it on days that I wear minimal make-up but want to look polished or when my lips are a bit too dry to wear lipstick.

Louis Vuitton’s On the Beach, 225 € for 100 ml

I am a big fan of fresh eaux de colognes in summer. They make me feel fresh on hot days and on a typically Belgian summer day (read: cold and rainy) they boost my spirits. The latest addition to Louis Vuitton’s Cologne Perfumes is my new summer scent favorite. It does not really remind me of a day at the beach* but its aromatic mix of yuzu, orange, neroli, thyme, rosemary, pink pepper, clove and cypress smells very summery and fresh. (It’s perfectly unisex, too.)

Another big bonus for a cologne-like fragrance: this cologne perfume holds onto my skin for a pretty long time. When I first received the fragrance, sometime in the afternoon, I immediately sprayed some on my wrist. When I woke up the next morning, I could still smell it on my skin.

I know it is a very expensive fragrance for a lot of people but Vuitton’s fragrances are refillable (and refills are less expensive). Plus, you can have the bottle engraved with your initials, which is a nice luxe touch. AND: you can share the fragrance with your partner.

*I think Dior’s latest exclusive fragrance, Eden Roc, smells more like a day on the beach.

Shiseido’s Waso Shikulime Gel-to-Oil Cleanser, 26,04 €

If you read my blog or Instagram page regularly, you know how much I LOVE an oil-based cleanser to get rid of make-up, SPF and other “dirt” quickly and efficiently but without drying out my skin. This new Waso cleanser with grape seed and safflower oil is a perfect example of a good oil cleanser.

You massage the liquid gel in on your skin and it immediately transforms into a soft oil that dissolves make-up and SPF in an instant. Add some water and it turns into a milk that can easily be washed off skin. The formula is fragrance-free to boot. However, it contains citrus depressa peel extract, which might irritate some skins. (Citrus oils can be irritants on some people.)

Good to know: Shiseido started working with Japanese farmers to get ingredients for its Waso range to support the local economy and guarantee “the freshness, efficiency and traceability of its products”. Take the Shikuwasa lime in this cleanser for instance: it is rich in polyphenols and helps support the skin barrier according to the Japanese brand.

Waso is also vegan, “clean” and works on the sustainability of its products. This cleanser, for instance, contains water that is being recycled from apple picking.

Liever in het Nederlands lezen? Dat kan op Café Cosmetique!
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