Tighten skin, reduce cellulite, scars and burns: Icoone does it all. I squirmed myself into a tight body suit and tested the anti-cellulite treatment with the Icoone device.

Would you lay down on a treatment table, wrapped tight in a second-skin body suit, a bit like a human sausage, to test an anti-cellulite treatment that some people find painful? I sure would! I’ll do anything (read: a lot) for the job. So I got to test the Icoone anti-cellulite treatment at Clinique Cinq in Antwerp. (Spoiler alert: I found it really relaxing.)

What is it?

Icoone can be used for very different treatments: the device drains skin, tightens it, reduces cellulite and local fat deposits, reduces scars and burns and helps with lymph and vascular problems.

What makes this device stand out from others, you might ask? Its Roboderm technology. Its treatment heads provide M.M.A.S., Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation, a sort of very precise binding tissue massage that stimulates and strengthens skin, on its surface but also in its deeper tissue. M.M.A.S. promises to boost the production of collagen and elastin and cell regeneration. The technology also acts on the fat layers in skin.

The Icoone treatment heads give skin a binding tissue massage that hands cannot give. They rotate forwards, backwards, inwards and outwards. Their tiny holes suck skin on the surface, as it were, into a vacuum but without pinching it, pulling the connective tissue tight as it were.

The Icoon device combines that mechanical binding tissue massage with laser and LED. LED has to rejuvenate skin by stimulating the collagen production and activate the fibroblasts in the connective tissue. It also has to release fat in the cells. Laser has to activate the lipolysis, the breakdown of fat cells.

Simply put: skin not only tightens and firms but the Icoone device can also tackle stubborn fat deposits that exercising does not seem to have any effect on. Which is why Icoone can be used to tighten facial skin but also to reshape your silhouette and work on cellulite.

You should start seeing results after 2 to 3 sessions but 8 sessions are advisable, followed by regular maintenance sessions.

You can find more information on the device and the research behind it here.

Quanta costa?

An Icoone treatment does not come cheap but what professional anti-cellulite treatment does? A 40 minute body treatment on 1 zone costs 85 €, an extra focus zone costs 40 € for 20 minutes. The Icoone Bodysuit costs 30 € but is reusable.


You need to put on the Icoone body suit to get treated, which looks like a giant transparant white panty that runs from your neck to your feet. I feel a bit like a giant sausage but the suit protects your skin and makes sure the device can operate smoothly.

I was worried this treatment would be painful, which it can be for some people, but I am very pleasantly surprised: it feels like the heads of the device suck my skin between them and give it a ferm massage. (Which is exactly what they do.) It feels like a very relaxing and energizing massage at the same time.

The treatment is a bit painful on my calves and buttocks but the pain is not so bad that I want the treatment to stop. If it ever becomes too painful, the intensity of the treatment heads can be adjusted.

After the treatment I feel energized and fresh, which is something a lot of people experience apparently.

I did consider booking extra sessions as I found the treatment so relaxing and because I was curious to see the effect on my legs and buttocks after three sessions. But then it dawned on me: I will not be parading around in hotpants or a bikini this summer. And that having tighter thighs and a tighter bottom is not THAT important to me. Well, not important enough to pay 125 € per session.

BUT if after doing numerous HIIT workouts on YouTube you are still bothered by your thighs and really want to slim them down, I do think this Icoone treatment is worth the investment. The before and after pictures are quite impressive.

Good to know: Icoone can be used to reduce scars and burns and tighten facial skin but Clinique Cinq does not offer those treatments.

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